‘WordPress’ no longer an instrument of terror

I’ve been blogging off and on for a couple of years now–not that anyone’s noticed, mind you–and till recently have been an avowed blogspot user. I like blogger because it allows for a little creativity without having to know too much about what’s going on under the hood, which is fine by me. I am a writer and artist. I know my way around a PC, am pretty handy with Photoshop, and can even cut and paste a bit of html from time to time, but only if the effect is cool or spectacular enough to warrant going to the trouble. But programming? Nah. I have been meaning to learn html (the latest iteration of which is something called html5, which apparently can do everything but mow the lawn if used properly), however I confess to being shamefully technically illiterate. Cascading Style Sheets? Sounds like something you’d throw into the dryer to keep the socks from sticking together.

Till recently, the problem with WordPress was that it demanded a level of technical proficiency that I do not, nor am I ever likely to, possess. I enjoyed and appreciated many of the WordPress blogs I had read, but whenever I tried to use WordPress myself, I felt like the dumb kid who is mistakenly assigned to an honors math class. (I know this because I was  the dumb kid who was mistakenly assigned to an honors math class.) You had to download something, and play with code, and put something somewhere, and it was all entirely too much trouble. Figuratively speaking, I wanted to know what time it was and WordPress was telling me how to build a clock. It was so frustrating, I became convinced that WordPress had been designed as an instrument of psychological warfare intended for deployment in hostile territories in order to demoralize enemy bloggers.

Fortunately, WordPress finally figured out that if they want people to use their program, they have to make it usable. I’m happy to report that WordPress is no longer an instrument of psychological terror. It has been re-engineered to be user-friendly for dumb-asses, which is why I’m now able to use it.

I won’t abandon Blogger altogether, mind you, because¬† I’m familiar with it, it’s easy to use, and I’m a tad wary of this mysterious “video upgrade” business I smelled somewhere here at WordPress. Nevertheless, I like the look and feel of it so far, so I’ll give it a spin.Moonstars orig

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