The Amazing Lauren Scruggs

In case you’re not familiar, Lauren is the Texas/California model and fashion editor who was gravely injured by an airplane propeller.

The accident happened Dec. 3rd, after Lauren had returned from a nighttime flight over Dallas to view Christmas lights. Shortly after leaving the plane, she apparently turned back to thank the pilot and somehow managed to get in the way of the propeller, which was still spinning and would have been difficult to see at night. The blades struck Lauren on her shoulder, her hand, and the left side of her head.

Her injuries were so severe that the first responders didn’t expect her to survive, however she was calm and alert during her trip to the hospital, and she has since made astonishing progress. A little over a month after her accident, Lauren was tweeting, writing, going for walks, and making trips to the grocery store. The word “miracle” has been used more than once.

Nevertheless, Lauren unfortunately lost her left hand and her left eye, and has had to endure a number of very serious surgical procedures. It will take time for her to completely recover, and the medical costs will be considerable. If you’d like to help out with the costs, Lauren’s family certainly could use the help. You can contribute by visiting the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund web page.

Lauren’s mother, Cheryl, has also set up a CaringBridge page where well-wishers may leave messages of encouragement and can read the wrenching, inspiring journal entries that Cheryl has been regularly posting since Lauren was hurt.

Snail mail letters and care packages may be sent to Lauren at:

Lauren Scruggs C/O Sharon Kendall
701 N. Central Expy
Building 3-300
Richardson, TX 75080
United States

Lauren is an extraordinary girl whose strong faith and bright spirit haven’t been dimmed by what’s happened to her. She is a beautiful person, and a beautiful spirit. She’s going through an incredibly harsh thing, however at the end of it all she will still be beautiful Lauren, with a million-watt smile that could stop traffic.

Our hearts and prayers are with her.

(Lauren’s image from her blogsite, Blogbylolo. Click on the hyperlink or photo to visit her blog.)


Visit Lauren’s magazine, LoLo, by clicking HERE.


CLICK HERE for ABC News videos about Lauren


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